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Windows 8.1 + VMware with Xpenology


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First post here :)


I have a MS Gen 8 with the Celeron G1610T, 4Gb Ram.

I am planning to upgrade both CPU and RAM.


I am planing to use it as a primary Windows 8.1 PC mainly for Lightroom and Plex Media Server (without transconding) and a VMware with Xpenology in it.

Is this doable with this setup for now?


I was thinking of booting from Port 1 with an SSD for Windows 8.1, in PORT 5 ODD a 1TB 2.5" drive, and the others three for my SHR Xpenology.

​I will have to buy a graphic card so i can have HDMI for my 2K Dell.


What do you guys think? Is this possible, any suggestions? :)


Thank you.

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You wont be able to run ESXI with that current G1610T CPU


and will need more memory to run 8.1 & Xpenology


that's true. But for testing purposes 4GB is enough.

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