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Image ESXi 5.5 boot drive


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Hey all,


I'm running ESXi 5.5 which boots off of a USB thumb drive. I want to make a backup for obvious reasons. I've tried a multitude of imaging programs, and although I can make the image, when I restore it to another thumb drive, it's not bootable. 


The USB drive is a 32 gig, but the partition is 3.6 gig. When any of my imaging apps write out the image, it writes a 32 gig file. When I restore it, it takes an equal amount of time, and it creates a 3.6 gig partition on the drive.


So, first, can someone point me the right direction to be able to image this thumb drive so I'll have a backup?


Second, would it be possible to write out just the 3.6 G partition so that I can write the image to a 16 G or smaller thumb drive?

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