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Mac Serial on Xpenology and HP microserver


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Hello ,

  I have an understanding which until now I was not be able to understand:


 Why do I need to insert a valid MAC adress and SN in xpenology on USB ?


 I have installed the DSM in a virtual machine and on VMNET I configured a compatible MAC adress for Synology product,after that I connenct to Synology asistant anf the machine was discovered and I was able to Install DSM.


  Now my question is , If I do not put a compatible mac adress and insert the IP address of the HP server (NIC1) to browser,XXXX:5000 this will go to DSM install page ?

 I hope I was understood :).


   Also I see on Xpenology webpage tutorial how to change the MAC adress ...

   If I change the MAC adress on USB sysconfig this will not conflict with the real one from server ?

  I quite confuse with this.


Thanks a lot


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