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Upgrading from N54L to ML10V2 for my main server


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I have decided it is time to upgrade my server.


I have just acquired an entry level ML10V2 in preference to a Gen8 micoserver, mainly because I currently run 6 drives in my N54L under Windows 2012 R2 with Essentials role and also the price was right.


Joe Miner, I have watched your series of videos before I purchased the box  and will be generally following your approach.  (Thanks greatly for taking the time to make and post them).


A:  Backup Configuration.


At this stage, I still trying to work out the best way to connect my server backup drive.


On the N54L, I use the 4th slot in the drive caddy to alternatively use 2 x 4TB WD Red's as my backup drives, with some cloud arrangements in place for my critical files (documents and photos).


With the ML10V2, it is not practical to continue this arrangement as the drives are effectively more permanently installed.


Options I am looking at are:


1.  Get a USB enclosure with tool less drive insertion capability.

2.  Backup over my network to another Microserver (maybe my N54L).

3.  Use some sort of Sata enclosure in one of the 5.25 bays at the top.


Any views on the above or any other ideas?




This is new to me and I have read a few things on the net, and know where to get the advanced license for 32AUD approximately from as per other posts in the forums.


My question is do I need an ILO advanced license to setup and maintain the server.  I do not intend to use RAID, but may consider it for my OS, depending on whether I use one of my 6 HDD slots for backup or not.

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An update.


I acquired an ILO Advanced License for 26AUD and installed it. I now understand why it is so helpful.


I have also reset the SATA controller to AHCI and just moved my 6 drives from my N54L to the ML10V2.  ( I did do a proof of concept before I tried this). The only thing I had to do was make sure my boot drive was in Slot 1, else it did not boot.


It is all up and working fine and 2012 R2 stayed activated.


So my outstanding question still relates to the best setup to use for my server backup drive.

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