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user account doesnt have pernission


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i have just bought a new laptop W10, set up connector software etc ok but if I try open dashboard I get error that the user doesn't have permission for remote access. I'm using the same account details as 2 other pc that work ok. I get same message when trying remote desktop. all this is within my LAN as the ISP blocks incoming connections from www. I can login as admin via remote desktop ok. cant figure out why the user name is blocked on the new laptop, all are running W10.

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To clarify, using the same credentials on the dashboard app fails, but remote desktop works fine?


if so... that's .... really, really odd. The dashboard is a "Remote App" and uses the Remote Desktop infrastructure, so if one fails, *both* should.


Either way, you should be fine with just remote desktoping into the system and loading the dashboard there. Unless you're trying to restore files from a backup. 

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