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WD EARS HDDs - Intelli-Park issue?


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Very well thought out and an overall good strategy. I still say the intelli-park issue is overstated but if people are concerned, they can do what you did and change it. Thanks


Belt and suspenders I guess, but the arguement made for changing it was more logical to me than not. You are most likely correct in that most people would most likely never have an issue if they left it alone.

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hi Folks,


I have been running a WD EARS 2TB now for a couple of months. installed as pool drive with jumper.

The rest of the box is Samsung 1TB or 1.5TB


Now I have been experiencing some drive drop outs ...look at console and a drive has fallen out of the pool.

Reboot and all comes good again for a couple of weeks then repeat.


Thought it might be dodgy SATA cables ..replaced them ...still had a drive fall out. Thought the power supply might be a bit anemic...so replaced it ...so far all ok.


With all of this, 2 Sammy drives ended up reporting bad blocks. Ran diskcheck from cmd


C:\>chkdsk /x /r C:\fs\N .....where N is the target drive


And this recovered the drives


Congrats to WHS folder duplication....no files lost in this whole event.



WD EARS drive ...no problems what so ever. ...may be luck ...maybe not!!




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Glad to hear it. I have not had issues either but it sure will be better when we do not have to concern ourselves with this jumper. Like mrossco, I have a couple additional drives that I have saving for Vail. My vail setup will most likely be all EARS drives as they are supported in Vail. Good luck finding your drop out issue as that does sound like a cable issue.

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I stick with what I originally stated in my post months ago, use the jumper for storage drives (pool) and stay away from these drives for the OS. Vail will resolve this but until then, I would use a different drive for the OS and not mess the WD align utility.


What would you suggest for an OS drive? I'd prefer Western Digital.

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Tim Daleo and I discussed the Inteliparc issue with LCC counts. See; http://www.mediasmartserver.net/2010/12/22/using-advanced-format-hard-drives-with-windows-home-server/ I have a eads 2TB WD drive, with the SMART addin, my LCC count was 3800ish and I have been using this drive for a long time, Tims ears drive was over 75000 after a few months. So Tim followed the instruction on how to run the DOS app mentioned in the article. He did a quick video. I'll ask Tim to post an article over at UWHS & ask if he can comment on BYOB, if your interested.

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