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Sense Home Energy Monitoring


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Has anyone seen the Sense home energy monitor?  I stumbled across it today while looking up some other stuff on the internet.  I posted this same info over on the HA forums but I am not sure everyone that is a member here is reading content over there (YOU SHOULD BE!!!!!).  http://homeautomationforums.com/topic/348-sense-home-energy-monitoring/




I am really curious what it is able to do and what it can tell me (especially about the energy use of my major appliances).  I would definitely like something that can tell my wife how much it costs to run the dryer an extra 20 minutes just to fluff the clothes that were left in over night and got wrinkled.


So...I decided to place an order for one.  It says it may be June before I get this unit but once it arrives I will report back on how it works.

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Pretty interesting idea. I guess those smart electrical engineer type people have a way to discern one appliance from

the other.


My Lowe's Iris system has an energy monitoring sensor, but I have't bought anything yet. With the switch from the

V1 to the V2 hub I've put off purchasing anything else until I receive my new hub.

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