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I'm having trouble setting up the Remote Notification add-in.

For cell, I used my 10-digit number and txt.att.net. Didn't work.

For email, I tried my username @ gmail.com, smtp.gmail.com, on port 25 - no-go on that.
I tried my username @ gmail.com, smtp.gmail.com on port 465 using SSL - no-go on that either. I also tried the Authentication option along with SSL, supplying my username and password, and that didn't work.

What am I missing?

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Vulcan, thanks for the input. I had set everything correctly according to that link you posted.

So, I finally did get it working. Know how? I applied the settings, closed out the WHS console, THEN restarted the console and went to the Remote Notification tab. This time, when I sent myself a test notification, it worked.

*On a humorous note, I enabled 'Suppressed Notifications' under General Settings, and got spammed with about 6 messages right after another by my own server with warnings about anti-virus and PC backup status. Hilarious!

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