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Advice with RAM upgrade


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I just bought a HP micro gen8 G1610T for some experimenting/studying.

Upgraded firmware via ilo.


Now it is time to upgrade the hardware.

I can't keep that thing in the box much longer: it just seems to be screaming have fun with me!


I need some help in choosing RAM for this model that i can also use when i upgrade the processor to a Xeon E3-1220L v2 later on.


I read a lot in the forum but didnd't came up with an answer to this problem.

Since the microserver seems to be picky about RAM and i don't want to(can't) throw away money trying to find compatible RAM i decided to ask for help of the very knowlegeble (and experienced) people who know this server inside/out.



Please forgive my poor English skills.


Hope to hear from you soon.

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Thank you for helping,

i was looking at those sites but wondering if if really was compatible.

My doubt is if RAM is dependent on processor choice i mean if later on upgrading to a Xeon E3 1220L V2 i can keep the same memory.


PS: Sadly Kingston appears to no longer have 16GB Kits.


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