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Master Browser onto server


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Hi all!


I tried to get the Windows master browser working in my network for almost a week, without any success. So I hope maybe one of you can help me.


The Windows Master Browser (WMB) is the service which should create a list with all PCs attatched to the network and then broadcasts this list to all other PCs. So in theory you should see all attached PCs under the "Networks" tab in Windows. The big benefit of getting it onto the server is that it would run 24/7 and there's no election when a PC get switched off wich was the WMB.


What I already tried:

1. Activated the WMB service on the server, deactivated it on the other machines.

2. Changed the registry files on the server. "MaintainServerList" to "Yes" and "IsDomainMasterBrowser" to "True"

3. Activated the Network Discovery and UPnP service on the server and made a firewall exception.


Now I see all the PCs under Networks on the server machine. But all others see nothing...

I'm not sure if I configured the firewall correctly, so maybe one of you could help me with ideas?


Thanks in advance

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Install the WINS service on the server, and configure the router (or DHCP server) to point the the server's IP address.


Also, any computer in a workground and not in the domain, make sure you change the workgroup name to match the domain's netbios name (eg the "domain.local" name, minus the ".local"). 



Also, just FYI, by default, a domain controller is *always* the master browser. 

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