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HP P410 Install - Finished


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Hey All


Over the weekend i successfully installed a HP P410 into my Gen 8 Micro server, The install was easier than i thought the hardest part was negotiating with the SAS connector into the 0 on the controller since it had a really tight radius.


i wired up a custom cable that powers 3 40MM 12V fans that intercepts power from the Molex connector located under the ODD bay, i installed the 2 40MM fans between the mounting from the PSU and the frame of the server, i also used industrial velcro on the side of the fans that meets with the frame itself. i only have 3 fans off the harness i made the 3rd fan will be used on the passive cooler once my new CPU arrives.


i routed the backup battery up to the ODD tray and mounted it with Velcro next to my SSD


The Photos are too large to upload to the board, but i have uploaded them to a public folder - https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0Bz0UrL4dXR65Q2RSUkNSaDVuYUU&usp=sharing


i plan on doing a number of cooling upgrades, and a new i3 upgrade later this week.

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i will post up the ILO temps, they seem high but after looking at others it seems within the ballpark, i have the fan on constant 70% its very noisy but i see people running at 7%+ with the same temps.... i need to do some tests

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