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Essentials and offsite replication?


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This might be of help.....


I have a server 2012 r2 essentials setup at home and wanted a full replication of files at my workplace incase anything happened to my data. The cheapest option I went for was the simplest also and works very well.


I had a spare machine. Core2duo with 3gb ram and windows 7 and put in a 2tb hd. Enough for the important stuff to get backed up.

Added the machine to the domain using the connector tool and used offline files and the shared files I want replication of on it. Let it fully sync and took it to work.


The anywhere access works a treat.


I just rdp to the machine from my work domain or browse via explorer. Drag and drop files ready for when I get home.



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Also sstp vpn and dfs works which 1 of my customer uses.


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So is your Windows 7 machine connecting to the WSE server via VPN?

Then you have simply selected a folder you want 'backed up' and done "make available offline" ?


Neat way of doing it. Not sure Id go that way, just as 'offline files' can be a bit temperamental the best of times in my experience.


If it was me doing it, I would put a site-to-site VPN between the WSE primary box and a second 2012 box that is joined to the WSE domain. (Just use RRAS, then use an IKEv2 or L2TP tunnel)

Then setup DFS replication between the 2.

Could even get fancy and use DFS namespace. Then when you move a laptop between the 2 sites you can even use the same share name and DFS namespace will take care of sending your request to the closet server. Bit overkill for a 2 server setup. But fun.

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I ended up going with one essentials r2 machine and one r2 machine with essentials installed. I am using DFS replication and have been quite happy with how it has been working.

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