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RAID on windows 8.1 HP Gen8


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The newbie again..


SO I am now installing windows 8.1 on the HP Microserver Gen8.

I have installed it on a 120GB SSD using the internal sata cable.

All installed ok.

I have now added 4 x 1TB HDD's and set 2 pools of RAID.

When i restart the server i get a error messages saying 1st.


PXE-E53 No boot file name received


followed by..


Non system disk or disk error


If i take out the 4 HDD's it will boot up ok.


Any ideas how i can rectify this??


Many Thanks

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Are you using the B120i or AHCI? How is the RAID on the four 1TB drives configured?


I am guessing you are in AHCI. In that mode you can not boot from the ODD SATA with the front drive bays filled. Bay 1 takes priority at boot.

You can use the B120i and set your SSD as a RAID0 and your other drives as RAID0-1-10.

You can also use this process to set up a boot loader to stay with AHCI:


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Hi Thanks for the reply


Got to be honest i think im a bit out of my depth, but really want to get this sorted.

I copied this tutorial to get Win 8.1 to boot from  the SSD .


When it didnt boot when i added the 4 HDD's i just connected them with the OS running, then formatted and set them to raid from the disk management in Windows

I honestly dont know if i am in AHCI or B120i  




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What tutorial did you follow?

I am guessing you are in AHCI. So, you booted the server from the SSD with it being the only drive in the server? Then you inserted the other four drives? You set up RAID in Windows. If you are in AHCI mode when you reboot it is trying to boot from Bay1.

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It says attempting to boot from hard drive ©

sorry that was wrong link for tutorial.  i followed a video showing how to set up 8.1 on HP Gen 8

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Your description sounds like you did it with the B120i disabled -- i.e. you're doing it in AHCI


The tutorial you linked to requires the B120i enabled.


The notes to the video refer to getting the B120i drivers and installing them...




In preparation for the HomeServerShow Meetup September 20, 2014, I wanted to install and demonstrate Windows 8.1 on my HP ProLiant Gen8 MicroServer.
In preparing for the install:
--   I made sure I had the latest firmware installed on my Gen8 
--   I went to HP’s Support Center and for the HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 Server I downloaded drivers for MicroSoft Windows Server 2012 R2   http://tinyurl.com/n4o3rav 
--   I next went to HP’s Support Center and I downloaded drivers for my HP Smart Array P222/512MB FBWC 6Gb 1-port Int/1-port Ext SAS Controller for MicroSoft Windows Server 2012 R2    http://tinyurl.com/kkkqnuf 
--   I used a the 7-ZIP utility to extract the drivers from the HP files for the RAID controller B120i as well as the NIC controllers   http://www.7-zip.org/ 
I did the installation using iLO4 with an iso of Windows 8.1 and my extracted drivers and all other drivers (collected above) in folders 
Since I only had the B120i in my Gen8 during the install I only needed the B120i controller driver to install the OS on my Gen8 but I would need my P222 drivers later when I placed the P222 in my Gen8 and moved my OS drive from the B120i to the P222 which went pretty easy for me – I went into BIOS at the time and changed the Smart Array Controller that the Gen8 looked for to boot from the B120i to the P222.
Check out my previous installation of: 
Additionally, Check out CSKenney’s Gen8 links thread in the HomeServerShow forums: http://homeservershow.com/forums/index.php?/topic/5639-proliant-microserver-gen8-links/
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At .57-2.10 in the video John goes into the B120i controller setup and and configures his SSD. Did you do that?

yes did that, I have now gone back in and set 2 more arrays for the 4 x HDD's so they are 2 mirrored  drives. i have also set the SSD as the boot.

Restarted and the OS wont load. So i am trying to reinstall windows 8.1 and am getting an error message saying windows can not be installed on drive 0 partition 1 ( which is one of the raid HDD's ) no other discs are displayed?  

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What does you Smart Storage Administrator ("SSA") screen show?  If the B120i is enabled you will have the option to go into the SSA at Post and you can then see all you Logical Drives.  Windows will only be able to see the Logical Drives Created in the SSA


it should look something like this



Logical Drive 01 (Array A) 1 drive RAID0 is attached to Port 5| which is the ODD SATA Port while Logical Drive 02 (Array B ) is 2 1TB Drives in RAID1 that were attached to Ports 3 & 4 (i.e. Bays 3 & 4 of the front 4 drive bay)

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