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N54L with P410 upgrade to Gen8


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Hi I currently have a N54l with a P410 raid card running 4 2tb drives within the drive bays in raid 5 array which my server server Store secondary drive.

The OS is running from the Optical drive on-board sata connector from a 128 SSD drive.

I'm running the modded bios which unlocks the sata connectors


With the current HP offer available im considering upgrading to the Gen 8 server just because I can.


As sata 3 support from the ssd and having USB 3 options and the option to upgrade the cpu at a later date would be nice.


I know its a more of a server as it runs the same as our HPs that I run at work with the config coming from the ILo


Just have some questions about my current P410 card,


I have noticed some posts about issues with fan speeds and ilo issues with this card?


Is this anything I should be concerned with? or can it be resolved with a firmware update?


Any help would be appreacated










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As the P410 is not supported by iLo in the MS Gen8 it will be treated as a unknown device. Most fan issues have been minimized, but I think the P410 will cause you fan speed to increase. You can go into the BIOS and set the cooling profile too try to reduce fan speed. Be sure to have the MS Gen8 at the latest firmware BIOS and iLo. The P222 is supported by iLo in the MS Gen8. If you were interested in up grading to the P222 your RAID set could be migrated to the P222.

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Thanks for the information the p222 is a bit above my price range at the moment, and my p410 was only £35 :-) with 512 cache and battery :-)


Still on the fence at the moment as I do love the n54l and it doesn't miss a beat running server 2012r3.

But with the resale value in the n54l and with the cashback at the moment I could upgrade foot next to nothing.


With the fan issues does it make it louder than a n54l? As if it only runs at 30 to 40% load I cannot see this as being very loud?


Cheers for all the help guys

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