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Warning - Acronis True Image 2016 - not your fathers True Image


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Installed a copy of True Image 2016 and have been terribly disappointed


I've been a user of Acronis True Image since version 9 -  needed another license so when Acronis  sent me a offer for a $15 dollar full license with an additional  "free" upgrade license,  I took the bait.  I currently have three licenses of True Image 13 running on three machines. 



tried it and uninstalled it right away.  wasted an afternoon.  


1.  The interface is horrible -  not intuitive

2.  They are forcing the "acronis cloud" solution -   requiring a login to fire up the program even.

3.  slow and buggy -   didn't complete a backup on two out of two tries

4.   unbelievably, they force you to set up a "Acronis Cloud" sync before you can set up a local sync. 



At some point, these computer companies have to understand that its not their  !!$%%%&&& computer.


will still use True Image 13 but I look for either a new license for 13 or  switch 


I was hoping to have all my backups on the same version of software

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I'll agree their Cloud product is a joke. I bought the 4 license deal. I found the old software to have too many

options and was confusing. I'm still working with 2016 and haven't done a restore yet. 

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I've been having problems with Acronis too, a shame because I've been using it for a long time now. I have to go back several years to find my original Full key because everything since then has just been upgrade keys. I always fall for the holiday season upgrade cheap sales too.


I use Veeam for some applications at work, I'll have to try it for the home now.

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I've been using Acronis since version 8. I beta tested 2016 and programmers fixed the major issues we reported. Yes, it has some problems. You can usually find answers in their forum to fix the problems. I use their Cloud service so having to log-in doesn't bother me. They tried to make the interface simpler which a lot of people didn't like. When I upgraded from 2015 to 2016 I did have problems. Ran cleanup tool and performed a clean install. Problem solved. Upgraded from 2016 build 5634 to build 6027. No problems. I still believe it is my best backup solution for local and cloud backup.

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