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Gen8 Microserver, ILO SD-USB issue


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Hi, guys, I have a trouble with Gen8.


I have installed SSD in ODD bay (embedded controller in AHCI mode) and installed 2012 R2 on SSD by making SD-USB as bootable device per excellent instruction from here

Everything seems working nice but Windows Backup that stops to work after 2-3 days of uptime.


Investigation revealed problem with SD-USB that generate errors like these:



The errors clearly starts to appear as SD accessed from Windows Backup begin after 2-4 successful backups.

As problem occurred,  Disk Management also stop to work, Windows Backup stop to be responsive and Windows Server stops to reboot normally, ending up with black screen while soft reboot. Only hard reset helps.

After rebooting it works normally 2-4 days again.

Otherwise everything else goes smoothly (I mean, problem with SD card does not prevent to server work normally except Windows Backup)

I can't exclude SD drive from backup because of Bare Metal Recovery.

Checkdisk and other checks does not show any problem with SD.


My guess it's systematic problem with config, not occasional issue that caused by specific hardware.

Any thoughts?



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Did you do an iLO update or do anything that caused the iLO controller to restart? If so then that usually disconnects the SD reader and you need to completely cut power to the Microserver for a few seconds to fix it.

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I gave up on Windows Server Backup over a year ago because it is so buggy. So even though this may be related to your booting from SD (which I would not recommend as it is bound to introduce all sorts of hassles), I'd say it's more likely just another issue with WSB.

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Thank you for suggestions. My iLO is updated but I missed that fact that rebooting server does not cause rebooting iLO, I'll try.  

I also agree with WSB but that system is so simple that I don't want to spend extra money for backup. Probably I don't really need everyday backup and it would be solution but can you recommend free and simple substitute to WSB?

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