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N40L/ Gen 8 HP ESXi 6


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Hi All,


Firstly bear with with my first post; I'm not even sure if I've posted it in the correct section (Could a moderator move if it's incorrect please?). I'm a keen tweaker and have stumbled upon lots of conversation about ESXI and its use on the HP N40L/ Gen 8. As I currently own the N40L I have given ESXi 6 a go and installed Ubuntu and ClearOS. For the most part I understand the concept but I'm trying to understand how best I can make use of it or if indeed I need it all. This is where I am looking for some assistance so that I can adapt my newly purchased Gen 8 to suit my needs. Basically my requirements/ thoughts are:


* I've used Xpenology before and I like the Synology software and apps that link to my iPhone. I've yet to find any other NAS software that offers something similar. Are there any? Freenas, Nas4Free etc don't appear to offer very much in the way of mobile phone apps. One of the areas I'm finding difficult to understand is the storage you make available to Xpenology once installed. It appears ESXi doesn't allow pass through of local hard drives so I'm not sure how I could utilise my 2 x 3tb NAS drives.


* I've used Tonido and it worked well. It also offers an app that includes the ability to upload pictures. This is one feature I'm keen to have.


* I like the thought of having access to a Linux distro predominently for secure internet surfing but also to learn more about Linux. I'm very much a beginner.


* I'd also like to run a server that would store all my music, films, photos etc and make them accessible to other devices.


* I'm keen to have a Plex server running.


* Remote access is a must so that I can access documents, files etc.


* Add additional tweaks/ interests as I go.


The above gives a general flavour for what I'd be looking at but it would be nice to get a feel for what others use ESXi for i.e. why so many OS's and what are they all doing? The reason I ask is because I'd like to continue tweaking. There appears to be so many things these boxes can do I'd like to join the ride and learn as I go.


I'd appreciate any answers and please be kind!



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