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Merge or Delete a Private Network


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More information.


At present router is TP-ER5120 (mostly use Sophos V9 but have shut it down to load new version but waiting for dust to settle on new version)

Router is handling DHCP

All clients are connected to Essentials 2012 R2 via skipdomainjoin and SkipAutoDNSServerDetection=false which prevents server from changing Client DNS to the server so they are set to autodetect DNS

3 of the clients are connected via ethernet and have fixed IP's which is set from the router

My laptop is connected via WIFI via an old ASUS RT-N66U set in AP mode but it too has a fixed IP set from the TP-ER5120


The desktop that is causing the trouble is connected via both adapters, one fixed and one dynamic, I will disconnect the fixed connection so that the router can set a new IP.


Now with that information do you want me to follow your last set of instruction?

Thanks for the detail info on your network. I think I am beginning to see y the steps I provided last time may not have work (maybe). I would still try what I said about turning everything off and only leave the one computer on and change the IP address on the router, I think I would also delete the files again on that computer just to make sure that does not cause any problems. You have nothing to loose but a little more time & if it does not work then you can always set the IP address of the router back and call it a day. I am not feeling good about this now that I know all your clients are connected to WSE but its worth a shot. When you have clients connected to WSE and have the connector installed it caches settings from the server on the local client and that in its self could be causing all your problems but lets try what I said and see what happens. If this fails then I feel you have no other options at this point but to do wipe & reload on the clients and start over in order to create the new 'home group' I already no you don't want to do that though. Good luck and please post back after you try my last recommendation. 

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