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proxmox or esxi?


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I´ve bought a HP Gen8 and I want to use it to install XPenology. It will be my torrent download system, plex server,

my media store server and owncloud server.


I have some hard drive to add but I don´t know if I should go with Proxmox or with Esxi


What´s do you think?

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I always used ESXi at work and was considering using Proxmox at home mainly because of its web interface for management.

ESXi can be managed through browser only when attached to a vCenter Server which need a license.

Luckily I found that there's a beta project by VMware engineers for a WebUI for ESXi: this is still in beta and has some bug but it's promising.

So I decided to go for ESXi, which is a more stable and mature product in my opinion (it's really the same that is sold and that I have in production at work on 30 hosts and 300 VMs...)

I've suggested proxmox for a colleague and saw it when he tried at home....just a lot more complicating any easy task (like attaching an ISO to boot a VM from, etc).

Yes it's all opensource and yes it has a more mature WebIF than ESXi for sure, but I would stick with ESXi.

Just my opinion actually, didn't tried Proxmox in detail btw.

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