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A couple of big time reviews have just hit the web.  I thought you guys would like to see them.  You can find my review of it here at HSS.  




I have a quick purchase link if you simply want to go to the Circle site and see it for yourself.  If you read the reviews below, come back here and click through.  I'll get the credit it for it!  Thanks and rest assured I'm still using the one that I purchased.  It's not my boy's favorite device however! Cuts into their Roblox and Minecraft time!




Wall Street Journal
Can't Get Your Child Off the Internet? These Gadgets Can Help

Circle and KoalaSafe block sites, set time limits and keep tabs on your children’s devices

Yahoo! Tech
Review: Circle With Disney Is Your Best Defense Against the Dark Side of the Internet



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Dave, I've had my eye on this since I first heard you talk about it on the podcast. Quick question: have you tried the ad-blocking features? There's a brief blurb somewhere on the product description somewhere about ad-blocking but no real info.

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Dave or anyone else with a Circle,


How does Circle work with Mac/PC devices that have multiple user logins?  What about other shared devices such as an Xbox or a family iPad?


How does the Circle know who is using these shared devices?  Do you have to manually tell it with the app?  I suppose you could create a generic shared profile but then you loose the time tracking per person and other benefits.

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It doesn't limit via account it limits via MAC address of the machine.  If i pick up my kids laptop I will be limited just as he is.  Does that help?

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So you can only assign a device to one user profile?  This statement from your review makes it sound like you can assign a device to multiple profiles:


Now find your kid devices and put them in their own profiles with their name.  I made one for each child.  I also created a Kid Guest, Adult Guest, and one for all of my devices.


If so, how does it know which profile to apply if the filtering or other settings are different between profiles?  Does it default to the most restrictive?


So it wouldn't be able to tell my Win10 Facebook app browsing from that of one of my kids on their account, only that X minutes were spent on Facebook on XX:XX:XX... MAC address, correct?


That's too bad but what I kind of figured.  To do so by user account would probably require some kind of client-side software to know who was logged in.  And of course that isn't possible for devices like the Xbox or iPad.


Thanks, Ed

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Each child is assigned a profile.  The profile is what you use to apply restrictions, time limits, etc.  Hardware is assgned to a profile by MAC address.  There is no way to my knowledge to do accounts.  If you grab a child device and want to use it you can always change the profile real quick in order to do what you need to do.


The review you quoted above reads fine to me but i've also had more time with it so I can see where it reads differently to others.

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I've been using Circle for a month or so. Working fine on wired connection after Wi-Fi configuration & setup.

Question: any idea how to assign a category to an "uncategorized" site? For example, agariofun.com is uncategorized. I want to assign it to Games.


Also, I just noticed Safety Mode for YouTube and Safe search in the user profile area. Nice.




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How are you all using Circle behind your UTMs? Do you disable any and all web filtering on the UTM appliance and defer to Circle do it? Or do you bypass web filtering on the UTM appliance for only the devices you won't governed by Circle such as children's tablets?



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For me. I still use OpenDNS for web filter at the router (pfsense). Circle is behind the router intercepting traffic from devices that are managed and applying web filter before the request gets to OpenDNS.

Some devices are Unmanaged by Circle so they still get filtered by OpenDNS.

I haven't had issues with this setup.



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