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RAID Setup - Hardware or Xpenology


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I'm looking for a few pointers regarding the RAID setup of my G8 please. I've seen bits and pieces mentioned about using the onboard controller, or just letting Xpenology managing it via SHR.


My aim is:-

 - Boot ESXi 6 from MicroSD

 - VM datastore on SSD + MYSQL DB

 - Three drives for network storage


I've used RAID 0, 1 and 5 in production in the past but this has been setup with servers that are always on. I like Xpenology's ability to scale the array and maximise my storage current and future storage needs. I'd also like to able to collate data from all the VMs [Veeam One free], iLO, Xpenology and have it feed into a central monitoring system - I'm looking around at free ones at the moment.

In an ideal world [and I don't know if this is possible] but I'd like to enable some degree of power management for array and the VMs to go to sleep when things are not in use, and then wake up either on a schedule or via Wake on Lan when I want everything to spin and be ready for use. As my server isn't built yet and I'm still thinking about how all this is going to hang together, can anyone provide any advice or pointers as to how I should setup the RAID side of things please?

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Like what u can find on other topics/forums here i think the best for esxi is:


vt-d cpu / raid card


so u can passtrough the raid card to your xpenology vm to get the smart data etc, but even with raid card still use the synology software raid i think ?


i'm stuck with a g1610t default cpu so no vt-d:

1. using b120i in raid0 for each individual drive (drives cannot spindown, but better performance aka needed for esxi ?)

2. esxi hp driver downgrade to scsi-hpvsa-5.5.0-88

3. RDM data HDD's & software raid in xpenology

4. SSD in port5 ODD


for monitoring I have setup hp ilo alertmail to hopefully give me a clue if a hard drive acts up, donno if this will work or if xpenlogy will say anything, as it cannot read smart data


some links:




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From this post:-

 - Reduced performance

 - Drives spin slightly faster at Idle


Nothing else springs to mind at the moment, but it's late and I've been doing some digging on this for the last few hours :/

With all that said, iLO could feed the Smart monitoring data into an another monitoring system via SNMP?

I've also just stumbled across this thread - http://homeservershow.com/forums/index.php?/topic/9381-esxi-55-ahci-or-raid0-issues-legacy-fine/- Obviously I'm not interested in VSANs, but I am interested in getting the best performance I can.

I've also not been able to verify whether RAID 0 supports Trim for the SSD....

I'll probably give it a go with everything on RAID 0 tomorrow and see how it goes.

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I did ahci first but noticed someonething wasn't right. Reading files at gigabit speed, but write was awefull starts at 100MB/S then drops to nothing & hovers around 10MB/S or so.


so changed; enabled b120i again & enabled raid0 on each driver. Then downgrade the hp driver to 88 cause latest allso cause problems, & now all is fine.

Drives not spinning down might not be a bad thing apart from using bit more power, compared to my old synology ds214 when I browse the folders on samba they instantly open maybe this is cause on synology they where idling. Read somewhere it might be better for the lifespan on the drivers to. I'm using WD red disks tough, normal PC drivers might not like running 24/7?



SSD is allso on raid0, I just taped him at the top where the dvd drive would be & connected it to the blue stata port onboard, power with a molex split to 2 & converter to stata power as i did not have a floppy to stata power piece. I only use 2 in 4 bays for hard disks tough. But maybe later more driver so the ssd is in the right place then. Allso as u may have read only bay 1 & 2 are sata 3, so ssd max speed is only 300


overhead: I think it's the same ahci or b120i as synology is doing the raid in both cases it's software raid. And as i understand the b120i is the same as the intel ahci just modfied drivers/firmware? by hp




I donno Veeam One need to check it out. But what i'm seeing is with b120i on raid, there is no smart data, esxi hp image has tools that show the controller status is OK but not acctual smart data itself, same when going into ilo.






Donno, I forgot tought there was a esxi cli command to run it manually tough.

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