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HP MSgen 8, help for BIOS settings


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Hi, first posing, but long time reader.

Thanks for all the good information I got here.


Actually I am having a problem with configuration of the Bios (HP gen8 MiroServer, #819185-421, Bios: J06, 06/06/2014).

iLO 2.10, but I am not using iLO advanced server licence


Seems its loosing data without power. After one day of no power plugged in, all settings are back to default. Time/date setting, Auto-Power-On-Status, Boot-Order, a.s.o. Some hours without energy seems to be ok, overnight switch off resets.

Also iLO Event Log contains only data from last switch on.


I have checked the Bios-battery (CR2032) ok. with 3V.


As the Bios is loosing its time setting and even more and the battery is good, I assume some fault on the motherboard and would change the server under warranty.


But first I'd like to ask some of the experts, if there is anything I can do (or configure).

Or confirmation that a server change is the way to go.


Any support is highly appreciated.


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