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and then there were three,,, AVG Chime mesh WiFi router


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OK, Dave is trying Eero. I ordered Luma. We need someone to try Chime:



This looks different.  Made by AVG.  Unfortunately I max out on Wi-Fi access points but it looks intriguing.  Curious to see what you think about the Luma.

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i heard about it on a podcast.  who is getting it? We need to compare!


My eero link: https://www.eero.com/?ct-referral-code=2bytGsGd




Update on avg


They cant even setup their DNS correctly so i cant trust their product!  ie, your url is not working  You have to use a www. in front.  www.chimewifi.com 


Update the update:  It must be Schoons link then. Sorry.

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Mine worked without the www. Well their IndieGoGo campaign was only 7% funded and ended 11 days ago.

You're a mature company, why do you need me to fund you? Make a good product and they will come.


Despite all the privacy kerfuffle I have no love for AVG, although I am a Beta tester for them. I installed their

AV on my Windows 10 PC with DrivePool and it completely ruined my Windows install.


I think I'll look elsewhere. 

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