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upgrading from HP Microserver to ML10 v2


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Hi forum.

Im planning to upgrade my HP Microserver Gen8 to HP ML10 v2. My Gen 8 runs with 16 gb ram and Xeon 1265. Now my questions are:


1. Is it possible to have 8 X 3,5" mounted  plus 2 x 2,5" SSD? ( I have no need for ODD)

2. Can I use my RAM from microserver? then I only need further 16 GB of RAM.

3. Will Xeon 1265 v2 fit in ML 10v2?


It seems that the ML 10 is a cheap way to upgrade (in Denmark the basic version cost around 200 USD).




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1.  Out of the box you can put six 3.5" drives in and you do have six SATA ports, 2 are SATA III and 4 are SATA II off of the B120i -- beyond 6 drives you will need a controller card.  with a controller card giving you additional ports putting 2 SSDs would be rather simple -- you could just velcro them to the frame somewhere but the two additional 3.5's that you want may require some creativity.  If you went with an Icy Dock 3-in-2 and it fit OK (haven't tried it yet) in the 2 5.25" bays that would get you up to 7 3.5" drives plus 2 SSDs velcro'd someplace -- the space is there for creativity but I'm not sure how easy/complicated the Mod would be -- I haven't looked that far ahead so I can't give a definitive assessment - sorry

2.  Good question -- I'm not sure - I hadn't given it much thought it that would be possible so I'm no help here

3.  No.  The E3-1265Lv2 (PassMark score 8142) is a LGA1155 while the ML10v2 takes LGA1150 socket CPUs.  I went with the Xeon E3-1220v3 with a PassMark score of 5899 for my ML10v2

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Hi again. Thx for quick reply. It sseems that ive got somthing wrong. Thought that the microserver had socket 1150 - my mistake. I'll figure another solution.

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