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One Year of Groove Music with $50 credit - getting Kangaroo PC with it.


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Today on 12 days of deals the Microsoft Store has a year of Groove Music with a $50 store credit. Last year I renewed for $50 straight, but this year it comes with a $50 gift card. I wasn't going to renew when I saw the gift card as the discount.


The MS Store replied and the card can be used on anything in the store. I am going to use that towards the Kangaroo PC which is usually $99 and thus get it for $50. Can't beat that. 


Buy a generic monitor with a $50 PC not a bad setup for a PC setup in the den for the wife and kids. 


Note: The store is out of the Kangaroo PC, but you have a few  months to use the credit.

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Tonight I went to order the Kangaroo and it was in stock! 


The bad. I applied the code and the $50 credit is sitting in my account, but couldn't see how to apply it. Went on chat and she told me since it was applied, even though unused, the credit could only be used towards digital goods


There isn't $50 worth of goods in their store I want to use. I tweeted MS Store and hopefully they can get this straight 


Otherwise I'll cancel my next year of Groove and buy the Kangaroo through someone else.

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What a miserable, miserable support experience. Poor volume on the support side, obviously a language difference where we could

not understand each other. I must have said Kangaroo PC ten times and finally had to literally say the product name verbatim from

the website. Ultimately had to disconnect the call which I consider rude, but we couldn't understand each other. 


Hopefully the MS Store will reply to my Twitter message. If that were my first experience with MS, I would never purchase from them.

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I think the issue you are running into is the $50 gift card is for the Windows Store not the Microsoft Store. Sorry you are having a bad experience.

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I'm frustrated for one because before purchasing I asked the MS Store Twitter account could I use the credit towards

hardware and they told me I could. If not I understand your policies. If this still can't be done I'll cancel Groove

and purchase the Kangaroo elsewhere. 


Add: I called back and was able to cancel the order. What a horrible experience it was overall. I confirmed with the 

official MS Store twitter account that the $50 Gift Card credit could be used towards the Kangaroo PC before purchasing

and they told me yes. 


Later to find our that is a Windows Store Credit and not a MS Store credit. So it is only for digital media, not physical

products. The entire experience confused me, much less the average person.  


The technical quality of the support was just as poor. Neither knew the Kangaroo PC by name. Only by the 

Microsoft label "InFocus Kangaroo Signature Edition Mobile Desktop". I was able to search their site by

kangaroo and find it, they obviously could not. I'll still purchase the KangarooPC with a HSS affiliate link, 

just not from the MS Store. 


I know customer support is a thankless job, but this was by far the worst customer support experience I've had lately. 

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