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Actually, I've got a MS Gen8 with the G1610T Celeron, with this proc, it's  not possible to virtualize nothing.


I would like to upgrade the CPU with the lower consumption possible ( lower than 35 w ) and with VD-t technology.


I see that the i3-3220 not support VD-t.


My needs are a PFSense VM and another VM for NAS use ( OpenMediaVault or Rockstor )


Which CPU could do the job, I'm little confuse with all options?  :unsure:

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I'm also in the same boat, reading up on here the best choice for me would be a e3-1220L but it seems they're hard to come by. I'm looking into using KVM instead which isn't ideal  :mellow:

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I've got 2 base spec G1610T's that are running Plex server and streaming to ATV's..

Options above that are G2020T

i3-3220T plus theres a few new CPU's since the new SKU's dropped that give other CPU options before you start looking at Xeon's.

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