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i3-3220T and ECC still working in Gen8 ?


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Hi all,


first post as a member but am a long time N40L and N54L Microserver owner/user.


Decided to grab a Gen8 and see how it goes. Arrives next Monday.


In typical fashion, I've already pulled the trigger on a couple of upgrades. I'll move my P410 over from my N54L and just bought 2 x 8G sticks of Kingston ECC memory. Even bought a CPU upgrade.


As the machine will run 24/7 I didn't want to push the CPU passive cooling over 45W - gave up on the E3-12XXLV2's as there are just none around. Ended up ordering a i3-3220T as it'll give me another 50% of grunt over the stock Celeron hopefully which should do just fine.


I read all the great CPU FAQ's here and feedback people had left. The i3-3220T seems a good safe bet as it was stated to work with the EEC memory in these servers. However I've just checked on the intel ark site for the specs and its claims that the i3-3220T does NOT support ECC memory unlike the stock 1610T which does.




Now I'm worried. Have intel changed the specs on these recently to remove ECC ? is it there just not officially 'supported' by intel ? Do people somehow run ECC memory with the ECC disabled with these chips ?


I'd really appreciate some help and guidance here as once I've opened the box thee is no going back :)


Many thanks

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The 3220T does work, I had one in mine for a while which I then sold to a guy on here..


I tried to get a guy thats involved with Intel ARK to confirm wtf was going on but they seemed to sidestep the actual question on why ARK had been changed when the CPU was still the same..

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thanks - still wouldn't put it past Intel to disable the ECC in the chips in the most recent manufacturing batch by flicking a switch in the microcode. 

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