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E3-1265L V2


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Hi All,


I've heard this is pretty much the best chip you can get without modifications however I've looked and cannot find one that ships to Australia.


Does anyone know where I can find one and or purchase?


Thank you

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Hi there, it's probably the best all round cpu for performance vs power, with the Gen8's.


They are incredibly rare now it seems though. I've been scanning eBay and the likes daily for the past month or so and haven't seen a single one come up. I couldn't find a seller in the UK so eBay seems the only hope.

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Why are all 1155 xeons v2 so rare?

Discontinued but not old enough that all the servers using them have been scrapped. All of the stock in retail channels has been depleted so prices have shot up for people wanting one to upgrade things like their Gen8 Microserver.
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Its v3 which means lga1150


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Sorry my bad! It even says in the description as well.. not a great start to my posting career on here!


There is a v1 going though:




For me personally I bought it primarily to be a small NAS and at £100.00 odd (with cashback) it's great value, VMing would be nice but not worth it at that sorta price.

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