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I'm new to this community and also new to networks and servers in general. I'm an undergraduate student and looking to build my first server to run in my apartment/home. I'm a college student so I'd like to save money anywhere I can but I'd like to cap the build at $800. I'm looking to use the server to host my personal website (outsourced currently), as well as to use as a datastore for various mobile applications I develop in my free time. Overall, I'm just looking for a playground to mess around with so I can learn more about the client-server architecture and networking by programming network, server, and client applications. I'm also interested in building the actual device instead of justing buying a NAS system.


As far as operating systems go, I was planning to run either the freeNAS open source, which seems to be highly promoted online, or just a version of Ubuntu since I'm more familiar with that OS. 


I'd appreciate any advice on my choices for the build and OS, as well as suggestions on where I should upgrade or save money. I plan on ordering the parts in the next week so I encourage you to manipulate or criticize the build and point out any errors I may have made.



Home Server Build

  1. Case
  2. Motherboard
  3. Processor
  4. RAM
  5. Hard Drives - 3x


Thank you for all your help!

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