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Red flashing light....


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I've had my Gen8 1610t running for about a month now without any kind of hardware issue...


It's a Debian 8 headless install.

Booting from an pcie sata controller card (generic), with 2 ssd's in LVM configuration, powered from the ODD power cable.

It has 4 WD 4tb reds in the main bay.


Yesterday It powered itself off with the baselight flashing red...


It does boot again, but now redlights randomly...

Sometimes I can just press the power button to reboot and it's ok,

othertimes I have to fiddle with cables, then it'll boot.

Ultimately it will always redlight.


I have tried a cheap generic PSU (550w ATX), which starts to boot but it also redlights...


In ILO it states "System Power Fault Detected".


I'm guessing that from the fact that it won't boot from a normally ATX power supply, that the motherboard is a fault...


Does anyone have any thoughts, as to what I should try to confirm what the issue is?





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