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Was recently given an ex485 seems to have a corrupt OS


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Topic explains the first part. blink code is for WHS 2003 so at least the blink code is why it wont boot. 


removing all drives gives me winint on boot. and its pulling DHCP. 


No original restore disks. 


did come with server 2011


however I cant get an unattended install to work. so im stuck with a ex485 that worksish. 


No one seems to have a copy or ISO of the original restore disks that I can get a hold of for restore purposes.  ( not sure why its considered illegal to distribute them as they are A out of date massively and B effectively worthless to anyone without a 485... and no longer being made but i digress )


WHS2011 never seems to start when all guides are followed i have found. blank no partition hard drive inserted( 2TB ) flash put in bottom rear port. booted and i get a blinking blue and no hard drive sounds. after a few hours I pulled the drive and it still has no partition. 


tried making the flash drive with USB tool from MS. Tried using rufus. tried making it manually. 


no luck... ideas?




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