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Can't remove device for client


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I added a new PC the server and made backups.  The PC failed shortly after purchase and was returned.  I am now attempting to "Remove a Computer" to delete the PC from Devices.  I continuously receive a message "An unknown error prevented removal of this computer.  Please try again."  I've run "Repair Backups" and also attempted to remove with the archive feature both checked and unchecked.  No luck.


I am able to remove other devices on the serve, just this one doesn't work.  Has anyone run across this and resolved it?  If not, I may be rebuilding my server over the holidays.  Thank you in advance for any assistance you may offer.

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I have the same problem.


In my case, I have tried two extra steps.


1.  Used the native Powershell Cmdlets Get-WssComputer and Remove-WssComputer.  Still cannot delete entry.

2.  I had de-commissioned the image, so was able to put the HDD back in the microserver that was the original device. I did this and the device continued to backup, etc, but I still couldnt remove it.


I would also be interested in how to resolve, as the continual alerts that I havent backed up this client recently are an annoyance.




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I was able to correct my issue.  I did two things from the time I started working on it until I finally was fully successful.  Not sure which one actually did it, I'm thinking it may have been the last item, but I can't go back to find out.


First I have had my server OS backing up to a drive twice daily.  I  looked at the offending client and determined the date of the initial backup I did upon connecting it to the server.  I then went restored a back up earlier than that date.  Since this was before I had converted a majority of my clients to Windows 10, It put the backups it didn't recognize into archived computers.  I then had to reconnect all missing Windows 10 machines and reconfigure their backups.


I then tried to remove the offending client from the archives, but continued to fail.  I tried Repair Backups without success.  At least I'd stopped getting the warning about doing a back.


While working on backing up all my clients, an error popped up saying there was a problem with a partition on a drive.  I don't recall the exact name it showed, but I couldn't locate it when I went into Storage and Hard Drives.  So I ran Check and Repair on all of them.  


I then tried to remove the client again and received a message about the service not running.  I did a Restart under the Client Restore Serves tab of Client computer backup settings and tools even though it showed it was running.


After that I was able to successfully remove the client.  I'm thinking that if I had originally ran Check and Repair followed by Restart I would have corrected the issue, but the drive error had never appeared before, so I didn't even consider it at the time.

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Thought I'd add my resolution: Add a computer with same computername using connector install, then delete the 'zombie' version with a stab to the head, err I mean remove computer, but be sure it's the zombie!  Other factors: Both were Win 10, had same description and I happened to have installed Client Restore service (Win Assessment and PE package as hinted to above prior to these steps)  Hope this helps someone with the issue.

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