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As my old ML350g5 is no more, Ive started to read about something more up-to-date and more home-oriented. It seems that MS Gen8 is so popular that every path is pointing to it :)


What i ordered:

HP MicroServer Gen8 with Intel® Pentium® G2020T 2.50GHz, Ivy Bridge and 4GB RAM. (Black Friday deal which was cheaper than the Celeron version)

1x KINGSTON 8GB 1600MHz DDR3L ECC CL11 KVR16LE11/8 (total of 10GB RAM, I will buy 8 more later)

2x WD red 2TB (i will buy more later)

1x Samsung Evo 850 SSD

i searched for any E3 v2 Xeon but it impossible to find one.



What i need:


a. home NAS for backup

b. Plex media streaming to single TV


Ubuntu/Debian server for VPN, WEB server, DBs and bind DNS server


Thats two VMs min, so i planned to install FreeNas. On the old server i had E200i SAS controller, LVM and used VMware server 2.0 installed directly on one of the logical volumes. Separated all VMs on different volumes. That was many years ago and now Im not very familiar with the modern file systems (ZFS, BTRFS, etc)


I read that the software RAID of the MS8 is sh*t. I need mirroring because the NAS VM will store a lot of family photos for example. Yes, ZFS can create its own RAIDZ but the 8GB RAM it requires is too much right now.


My initial setup was to buy Xeon (for VT-d), boot ESXi 6 from internal USB/SD, install FreeNas on VM which will supervise the discs and share the volumes to the second VM (NFS or iSCSI). With the Pentium this setup is impossible because it lacks I/O passtrought.

What i have to do now for my setup? I dont want to spend more money right now for an additional RAID card (can i use my old E200i with its 8 SAS discs?).


I really need your help. Yes, there is ton of information on this forum but it so much that it confuses me more :)


And one more question about 1.b: My TV is not Smart. What hardware(media player) do i need to read the Plex stream and pass it to the TV via HDMI cable?


Thank you very much in advance!

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The G2020T will run a VM with Plex and then fire it out to a FireTV stick (£25 here in the UK today). which will do your TV Streaming side of things.

Mirroring isnt backup, if your family pictures are that important, cloud them, or is Windows based server is your end route, use something like Drivepool, turn on duplication and copy the pictures over all of your drives, hell you could even go down the clouddrive route and fire a copy up to that as well..

There are free versions of VMware and Hyper-V servers, personally I'm a windows man so I tend to lean in that direction, but there will no dount be others that'll give you a more even idea of what you can do with the *nix side of things..

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Thanks @Trig0r, my question is not so *nix related but to what VM structure to chose. Im not sure which vm must creatw volumes/pools and then share them to others.

For the mirroring I meant if some of the disc die not to backup on two discs simultaneously.



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Whole disk mirroring is a waste of space imho when you concider things like drivepool from stablebit where you can add disks to a pool but only duplicate certain folders, you end up with more raw space but still the safety of having your important folders duplicated over physical multiple drives.

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