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is my B120i up to date? v3.54.0


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I noticed my B120i states v3.54.0 on boot. is this the hw revision or firmware?


if firmware, how to update it?, have run SPP 2015.10 with automatic update but no changes. 






UPDATE: forget it, in iLO it states firmware 5.0 wich i think is the most recent update..

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The B120i controller is actually the Intel SATA controller with a custom firmware + driver. The version you see during boot is the version of the boot firmware inside the BIOS. The version you see in iLO is the version of the firmware inside the driver.


Unless you've got good reasons to use it such as running ESXi, it is a far better idea to use the SATA controller in AHCI mode. The B120i driver for Linux/ESXi is extremely buggy and you need to downgrade to an earlier version or performance is awful.


As you mentioned you're using Ubuntu in another thread, you should just use it in AHCI mode and do Linux software RAID.

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