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A question about resources.


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I have 2 VMs, one is a Windows 10 based Plex Server. The other is running Sophos XG.


I have a E3-1265LV2 CPU and 16Gb RAM.


At the moment, I have 6 cores assigned to Plex, 2 cores assigned to Sophos. 10Gb RAM assigned to Plex (overkill) and 6Gb assigned to Sophos.


I realise that Sophos home version will only use max 6Gb RAM.


However my question is, am I doing this the right way, or should all the resources just be kind of in a pool and the VMs grab what they need? I'm not overly familiar with how it works!


Everything is working fine, I'm just wondering what best practice is!

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I believe (but may be mistaken) that you need VMware licencing to support resource pools (at least you used to), so if you are using the free ESXi licence (I do), you may be out of luck.


I optimised my Sophos UTM for resources by simply setting up as a 2 core and 1gb or RAM. I used for a week, looked at the VM performance stats hostory and realised it had peaks of 100% RAM utilisation, so I upped it by 1gb at a time until it was "comfortable", which happened to be 3gb, so I gave it 4gb to be on the safe side.


Not the most scientific method, but it works for me!

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Yeah, I'm using the free license. Gone are the days when I had access to the full shebang with regards to VMware, Microsoft, Cisco etc!


Your reply caused me to look at resource allocation which seems to be available for me to set. This is leading me to think I don't have it configured optimally.


In particular, I'm thinking that CPU may be able to be allocated more granularly than per core?


I think I am gonna grab me a VMware book and have a little read!




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I've read that at some point but I must have forgotten about it!


I've removed the reservations and let VMware manage the resources. (I've left the allocations as is.)

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