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P410 & ML115 issue


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I've installed a P410 raid card into my HP ML115 G5 however when booting the following error shows


No PCI I/O address is assigned to this controller (no boot support)


1783-Slot 3 Drive Array Controller Failiure!


[Command failiure (cmd=B1h, err=00h)]


I'm unable to access the bios via F10 before it gets in this state so can't change pci settings etc, anyone else had this problem?

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It sounds like you have a bad P410. Have you tried it in another server/PC? Is there a different slot in the ML115 you can try it in?

You could also boot to the offline version of HP ACU or HP SSA to see if the management software can see it.


Offline SSA



Offline ACU


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