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50GB free online storage?


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Since I seem to be the storage guy lately...


Looks like they have 3 plans. Basic (50GB and Free), Signature (50GB, Bunch O'features, $70yr) and Premium (100GB - 1TB, Bunch O'features, starts at $140yr and up). Basic only supports Windows while the other two support Windows, Mac, and UNIX operating systems. They do not support Chrome according to their FAQ (http://www.adrive.com/info/faq)


The Basic plan is not encrypted, is ad supported and only for personal use. Signature and Premium have the exact same features with the exception of storage limits and price. Both add encryption, the ability to have concurrent sessions as well as the ads are removed. Here is the pricing structure for Premium.


100GB: $139.50

250GB: $339.50

500GB: $669.50

750GB: $999.50

1TB: $1,319.50


If you had the need to cloud backup less than 50GB of WHS shares, this might be a decent option. I will give it a run on my Vail test box and see how it works.

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Yeah I tried out Adrive a year or so ago. At the time, it had a really slow Java based desktop app that I wasn't a fan of. The basic plan doesn't have encryption so you wouldn't want to put up sensitive information. I haven't tried it with WHS though... just my desktop.

I wrote up an overview of it back in 2008 but haven't used it since. It might be better now, I guess I don't know.

It might be a spot to store your music and video collection maybe.

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