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Hello all.


I'm looking for software solution to stream sound to.

I want to stream sound from laptop/phone/tablet to that server and listen using USB DAC and external speaker.

I'd also like to be able to stream system sound output (messaging, youtube, etc) from my laptop.


I remember there was such solution, but I cannot find it. Remember I saw it while I was installing some basics for either openmediavault or xpenology.


I'm running ESXi on my MS G8, so I can run almost anything inside. Setting a nix os ain't a probles as well.




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Well.. yes and no.


Since I'm running ESXi, I store the files on server. And I'm running subsonic as well. I know there's jukebox mode(or similar name) where I can play music on remote site, and use cellphone to control it. Guess I can do same thing using synology app.


But what if I wanna stream some music from phone, or from my laptop? That's main concern for me.


Comapre all this setup to bluetooth speaker: I can stream to BT speaker from phone/tablet/laptop. I'd like to do pretty much the same, but using network instead of BT. And better quality, since I have nice DAC and will likely get better speakers.

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