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G8 B120i seeing drive only in bay 1?


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I own a Microserver Gen8.


What I did actually:


configured B120i in raid mode on bios

added a 320GB SATA hdd in the ODD bay connected to motherboard SATA ODD connector

configured this drive in bay 5 as Raid0 volume


everything worked as expected.


I then added 2 x WD RED 4TB drives in bay 1 and 2


the problem is that B120i is seeing only drive in bay 1.

if I switch the drives I can see the other one correctly so it's not faulty.


No matter what bays I put the drives in, only bay 1 is seen, when drives are on bay 2, 3 or 4 they are not seen.

What do you think?


is there something broken on the gen8 motherboard or is it a config issue?

How can I check?


Thanks for help.

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wow m8, so fast answer and you were damnly right!


the connector was just a little bit lifted out but since one drive was seen I would have never thought about that!


thanks a lot :)


so now I've setup my 2 drives as 2 single volumes raid 0 and will pass them as RDM to Xpenology VM to let it manage them with it's SHR...


good enough?


thanks :)

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