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Update on My Gen 8


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I settled on the following for the lsi controller


HP 9217-4i4e (LSI has the port layout backwards)

Bios ( causes an nmi with Gen 8's)














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looks like you just need some cable management now ;).


Shush dont talk about it :rolleyes:

it really annoys me but havnt got the patience to spend a few hours doing it

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WD drives i use wdidle3 to perm disable it


Toshiba 3.5" drives dont need it

HGST 3.5" drives dont need it


Seagate 3.5" drives i use a script on every boot

smartctl -s apm,off /dev/sdx


Samsung 2.5" / Toshiba 2.5"

smartctl -s apm,254 /dev/sdx


how do you disable headparking?

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A rack mountable device would give me nothing


more noise

less storage 

wouldnt fit on my shelves





That looks very busy! Cool but busy. Have you ever considered buying a DL80, DL180, DL380 or something like that?

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