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Single cup coffee makers: Keurig versus Tassimo


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Walk down the coffee aisle in any grocery store in the US and it is easy to see that Keurig won with the K-cup. I have a Tassimo machine and I think it makes a better cup of coffee than Keurig. Problem is very few stores sell the T-disks, so most of my coffee is bought online.

I am curious to hear from forum members around the world, is Keurig most popular worldwide? Do Tassimo and Nespresso have a bigger market in other countries?


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I have both Schoon.  I started with the superior unit, the Tassimo, and still have it in the cabinet.  I think it makes a better cup and it is less fussy when it comes to clogs and cleaning.  The Keurig is my daily driver however.  It's become impossible to find T-Disks in the store and I was relegated to Amazon and purchasing direct.  That was ok for a while but the jealous factor crept in when going down the isle of the grocery and seeing some really good coffee discounted in the K-Cups.  I have fallen in love with Peet's Coffee in those darned un-recyclable cups.  My machine has three buttons for sizing the brew and I use the middle one for most and if I get a cheap brand of K-Cup i have to use the shot size.  I have a couple of items on my wish list though.  Hopefully next year I can step up!


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