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Windows 10 VPN Server Set-up Problems


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I need help with setting up my Windows 10 VPN server. I can access the server from within the LAN but NOT from outside it.

I have checked the following and all is in order:

- The server has a static IP address

- Port 1723 is forwarded to the server and I have confirmed the port is open

- VPN and PPTP pass-through is enabled on my router

- I can ping my IP address from outside the LAN

- I have set up a new user with a new password on the server (and I have unsuccessfully tried with the Windows user names/passwords)

I tried accessing with the Windows firewall turned off but had no luck. My router is a Thomson TWG870.

Any ideas on what I need to change to access the VPN server?

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Some clients can be finicky about VPN connections.  Run the VPN connection from inside your LAN and then try it outside.  I have seen thos procedure work lots of times.  Either a cookie gets added or a hidden setting gets flipped.

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Do you have PPTP Passthrough enabled on the router? 



Make sure this is enabled (on the "advanced" tab, I think).  If it's not, enable it, reboot and test again.

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Thanks for the above two responses.  Unfortunately, I still cannot get access to the server.


I do have the passthrough enables on the router and I can access it from the LAN but only if I use the 192.168.....address of the server.   When I replace that with the external IP, I get no connection either on the LAN or the WAN.  FYI, I have the client IPV4 security tab set to PPTP and to require encryption.  Also it uses MS-CHAP.


I have set up a VPN server before in another location but this time I'm really puzzled by the issues I've encountered

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