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Raid Array Degraded - Rebuilding (see pic)


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After a shutdown (done correctly by shutting down guest VMs and then the ESXi host) i have a damaged RAID array.


The array has come back up but the disk is degraded. This is the status from iLO says all bays are ok:



How do i fix this?



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It should fix itself. From your screen shot it does not look like any of the drives have been marked as failed. Is the screen shot from iLo or the RAID controller utility?

You can use the ACU utility to change the rebuild priority:


If you prefer SSA use the Healing option:


You should do a little investigative work. Generally when this happens, it is due to a drive failure. Your drives are all showing good. Perhaps one of you drives failed and returned to good status. I would think that might be in a log file.

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I notice that you've got 5.00 firmware listed on your B120i. That must mean you're running a newer version of the hpvsa driver inside ESXi. You not noticed any performance issues?

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Ok so just rebooted and got this so have selected F1:



The machine has now booted up and and iLO is showing this:



Ok, after reboot i now have this:


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