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TS440 Headless Operation Issue


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I purchased one of the TS440's that were on sale a few weeks back and just completed my build.  After getting everything set up and configured, I moved the box to the basement.  When booting the machine, it fails to load the OS (Windows 10 Pro) if the keyboard is not attached.  The ufei bios is configured for "keyboardless" operation to allow the system to continue past keyboard errors. If I access the AMT web interface, I can see a keyboard/usb error being logged if the keyboard is not attached, despite the bios setting. I am at a loss - has anyone experienced a similar issue with a TS440 or TS140?  I supposed I can leave a keyboard attached, but I should not have to do this.

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Are you running the latest BIOS?

I was not - I updated to the latest bios, reset to defaults and retried.  The system still refuses to start without a keyboard, giving a "no operating system found" message.  I also removed the extra 4G RAM stick since these machines seem to be picky about RAM, no difference.  I am wondering if it has something to do with the M1015 RAID card, but I did not try pulling that and rebooting.  Worst case I'll just leave a keyboard plugged in, but it just seems odd.

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I resolved this issue.

I made the following changes in the bios.


On the startup page:

set CSM Mode to Enabled

set Boot Mode to UEFI Only


The system will now boot without keyboard attached.  Guessing this is some odd issue with legacy vs. UEFI in the bios.

Hopefully this helps someone in the future.

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