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Issue with 4tb "Red" HDDs (AHCI) and Debian 8


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I've installed Debian 8 on my Microserver.


It's a headless home server for media.


I used a cheap PciE Sata controller, so that I could use a pair of spare SSDs that I had lying around.

It boots fine and the 2 drives are LVM'ed properly. Everything I need is installed and running properly..


I now want to transfer the WD 4tb Reds that I have in my previous server (just an old PC running Debian 6).


I have disabled the B120i controller, and will use the bays in AHCI mode, because I prefer to have the drives spin down when not in use.

The fan speed/noise does not seem to be an issue when it boots into Debian (especially compared to my old server, which was like an airplane!!).


The problem I am having is that when I install one (or any) of the Red drives into the new Gen8 server they are not recognized properly by the OS (Debian 8).

The Bios sees them ok and they, and the appear in /Dev/ properly... But the current partitions are not being recognized.


I normally use Webmin to administer the PC, and in the drive configuration section I can see the drives, but the GPT partitions are not display correctly... they show up as MSDOS - always Webmin states that there are no current partitions on the drive..


When I put the drives back in the old PC everything is displayed correctly (in Webmin), The partition table is GPT and there is a single Ext4 partition which mounts correctly....


Does anyone have any ideas as to why they are not being recognized correctly?


I could put the controller back to Raid mode and set each drive as Raid0, but I'll lose the spin-down....


Also I am presently dumping all the contents of 1 drive onto backup USB drives, so that I can repartition it under the new OS, to try that...


Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated....




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