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Server 2012 R2 Evaluation on Gen 8


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Just checking to see if anyone has successfully carried out a bare metal install of Server 2012 evaluation onto a Gen8 G1610T.


I've tried "Intelligent" provisioning; install from DVD and USB stick. Tried different hard drives and ISOs nothing seems to work.


I've tried disabling the on-board NICs and swapping the RAM.


Current issue is that I can see the hard drive and it starts copying the files, but fails with a " windows cannot install required files 0x80070570"


Ironically, I can install ESXi onto a micro SD and set up subsequent servers on a datastore no problem. I can even set up servers on my Windows 10 machine running Hyper-V!


Very frustrating!





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Sounds like a bad ISO image to me.

If you (or anyone) knows of somewhere other than MS to source the ISO, I'm willing to give it a go, but I'm not sure it is the ISO as I've managed to install it on my own PC and onto ESXi.


Don't you just love computing...

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Just an update.

I eventually purchased a legitimate copy of the HP ROK 2012 R2 Foundation and it installed no problems at all through Intelligent Provisioning.


I had read somewhere that some servers are a bit fussy installing trial versions, so I guess mine was one of those.


Next step - getting the fans to quieten down, but's that's a story for another forum...

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