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VM CPU Speed?


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Anyone know why my E3-1265Lv2 runs at 2.5Ghz max under a Windows 10 VM (ESXi 6)?


When I was running a physical machine, it would boost to 3.5Ghz.


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Turbo Boost works fine with ESXi. The virtual CPU doesn't work properly for the various CPU info tools like CPU-Z and will just show it locked at a single speed 100% of the time. Look at the CPU performance graph for your VM and you'll see it ramping up past 2.5GHz.


I just started up a single core Windows 10 VM on my Microserver with a 1265Lv2. CPU-Z thinks I'm running 38 x 66MHz for 2508MHz all the time but the vSphere client shows me idling at 447MHz and ramping up to 3372MHz at 100% load.

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Ah, that explains it then. It's several years since I used VMware - but I did have a pretty big Blade/SAN setup to manage at the time.


I'm having to relearn everything now for home use, it's suprising how quickly you forget things when you don't utilise the skills on a daily basis.


I only want to run 2 VMs at the moment (Windows 10 running Plex Server, and Sophos UTM). I'm not sure how to slice and dice the resources though. At the moment I have 4 vCores allocated to the WIndows 10 VM. When it was on the physical server, it obviously had all 4 cores (8 x HT).


Is there a way to have a "pool" of the cores, and let VMware allocate them on an as needed basis or does it not work like that?


I have 16Gb of RAM and have 12Gb allocated to the Windows 10 machine, again I don't know if this is the correct way of doing things!

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