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Project G8 with 16GB RAM,CPU above 9000 CPU MARK and 6 drivers


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at this moment I'm user QNAP server TS-451 with 8GB RAM. I using server for www, pretashop, flex, fileshare, ruby server, sql server.

I planning to build new server to have more power to use on Plex platform.  Now i can only run 5 movie at a time ( 480 resolution ).


My plan is to build server where  at a time run 5 movie ( using transcoding ) on Plex platform.



I have read few article on forum. I have decided to buy HP MicroSvr Gen8 G1610T Entry NHP EU Svr.  ( cost 310 EUR )


First what i need to upgrade is processor. I read that i need buy proc XEON (1155 socket only, which support ECC ).


I plan buy Intel Xeon E3-1270 v2 http://www.cpubenchmark.net/cpu.php?cpu=Intel+Xeon+E3-1270+V2+%40+3.50GHz&id=1192   

This proc has score over 9500 CPU Mark and he got enough power to run 5 x 1080p movies at one time.

Extra i need Gelid Solution Slim Silence A-plus to solve problem with temp. 


Ofc memory 2 x 8GB RAM 1600 ECC ( not yet decided to which concretely ). Maybe Kingston DDR3 8GB 1600MHz KVR16E11/8  ( 60 EUR each )


To use 6 drivers i need special bay to buy :)  Cost 40$ with shipping

I have not idea at this moment how i can 2 additional drivers connect to one data port.


Maybe you has any idea how to get above 9000 CPU Mark with G8 spending less money.






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So if you intend on running a ton of drive, and also a 69W processor, you may run into heat and/or power problems. You will have to add added cooling (either by setting fan speeds high on the chassis fan) or replace the stock heatsink on the CPU to deal with it. In addition, you will be running the PSU closer to its max which will reduce its lifetime. Just things to be aware about.

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