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symform as a OneDrive replacement


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After Micrososft's OneDrive betrayal I am considering using symform as a replacement facility.


While I doubt it would be cost effective at the 10TB+ scale (because of the 2 for 1 contribution ratio) ...

... it would be an essentially free option for using 1TB as work in progress for everyone in this forum, given you have a server already.

I note too that symform now have a LINUX variant.


I really liked the symform architecture but abandoned it in favour of the better value and more stable company which is Microsoft.

Correction: was Microsoft.

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A few weeks ago I bought a new UPS from Amazon. Today I get an e-mail from Amazon stating that purchase comes with a year

of Free Amazon Cloud Drive "Unlimited". Funny, I don't remember the product page stating that. Could it possibly have anything

to do with me canceling my account in just a week after beginning the 3-month trial? 


I had to use a 3rd party software, SyncBack Pro, to sync to it. It wants to do drag and drop or complete folder backup, but not sync.

It's $60 per year, for free I"ll try a year. Otherwise, it's a very primitive product. 

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Interesting concept, although it is reliant on people having a fast, reliable internet connection as you will ultimately be getting hammered for other peoples files (although rate limiting could help this). I am also assuming that other peoples files are encrypted.


The ratio could be interesting, drop in an 8TB Seagate archive drive for a couple of hundred and get yourself some storage.


Personally I am going to keep to my now encrypted BTSync/CrashPlan/Time Machine hybrid system for my sharing, syncing and backup purposes

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I'd be wary of this for long term storage. The math for the free plan doesn't really add up. Symform add parity to your uploaded data which ends up being another 50% of whatever you uploaded. Together with the 2x ratio for contributed storage, that means that the net gain for the Symform storage pool is only 0.5x whatever you uploaded. They're relying on the free users not actually using up their entire allocation and contributing far more than they actually use so they can offer the extra space to free + paid users. As always, the free users will greatly outnumber the paid users who contribute money instead of storage but the free users will also have a very high churn rate. Whether this is sustainable in the long run is the major question.

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