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majic jack and vail


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Hi everyone,


This is my first post and decided i wanted to start participating in this wonderfull community


I installed majic jack several months ago and have never looked back. I originally installed it using an ATT 1.5MB connection and alhtough the quality was ok i did notice some choppiness. I upgrated to comcast 5mb connection and installed it on vail and the quality is just as good as a land line. No pronblems at all.


I have it back feeding all my phones in the house and no one can tell its a majic jack internet call. Anyone can just pick up a phone in the house and make and receive calls just like a land line. When i tell guests that they are using majic jack and what i pay for phone service they alwasy tell me that they dont belisve me.


If anyone needs help installing it throught the house i will be more than happy to help. Its really easy.

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